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Mark Elliott - Owner / Electrical Systems Engineer Print
Hello. My name is Mark Elliott. I started System7 back in 1995 and really enjoy working through sequential or parallel logic and systems design issues to create the “backbone” of  the best solution for our various customer’s needs. One day we may be addressing the needs of a bakery needing to handle or produce baked goods in a particular fashion and the next day it may be a foundry that needs hundreds of kilowatts of power to be regulated from an HMI recipe environment to produce a repeatable part in extremely harsh environments.

While serving in the U.S. Air Force, I completed my A.A.S. degree and continued taking courses towards a B.S.E.E. at Wright State University.  Then my son was born and shortly thereafter I started System7, so my priorities changed. I have compiled over 26 years of knowledge and experience in Electrical Controls Systems. I have strived to become a primary field support engineer for a wide variety of products that include the Allen-Bradley Panelview and Panelview+ HMI, ControlLogix PLC, CompactLogix PLC, PLC-5 and SLC-500 PLC, Omron PLC’s, Mitsubishi PLC’s, all manufacturers A.C. VFD’s and D.C. Drives, Servo’s, PID-based single loop and multi-loop controllers, single phase and  three phase power controllers, rectifiers, as well as to establish a strong technical base in supporting special sensing applications. My skills include:  HMI graphics development, PLC programming, Servo systems development and commissioning, Communications & Networking, Machine logic and systems development, Metal Working including Rolling Mills, Slitters, Furnaces and Ovens, Process Automation and Cellular Manufacturing.

System7, Inc. gives me the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of industries and develop in my experience base and time to enjoy my family as well as my hobbies including tennis, baseball coaching, motorcycle riding and trapshooting.

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Clarissa Heath - Office Manager Print
I was honored to be asked to work for System7, Inc. in the spring of 2006. I started part time getting to know the staff and the type of work done by the company as well as just where I might be able to help.

In August of 2006 I became a full time member of the staff and gradually took on the roll of Office Manager. It is my pleasure to greet you and help direct you to one of the great guys here who work very hard to meet your Electrical Systems Integration needs. The work is exciting and challenging as they are always looking forward in technology to help their customers as well as remaining in touch with whatever meets the needs of those who have been comfortable with what they have. Office work has been my comfort zone, now for almost 28 years and even I enjoy the adventures of the new technologies this office presents to me. It is a blessing to be a part of the System7 team!

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Gary Gardner - Controls Engineer Print
After completing a B.S.M.E.T. degree,  I have compiled 26 years of knowledge and experience in Industrial Controls. I have strived to become a primary field support engineer for the Allen-Bradley Panelview+ HMI, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5 and SLC-500 PLC, as well as to establish a technical base in supporting Servo applications. My skills include:  HMI’s, PLC’s, Servo’s, Communications & Networking, Bakery Machines, Metal Working, Process Automation and Cellular Manufacturing. Working with System7, Inc. gives me the opportunity to grow in many up-to-date venues and time to enjoy my family as well as my hobbies of gardening, hunting and fishing.

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Mike (Tony) Fraber - Controls Engineer Print
I always like to say I was “Born to Hunt, Forced to Work!”  And I really do like to hunt,  fish and do woodworking. But if I must work, then System7 is certainly the company I desire to be “forced” to have as my employer.  My A.S.C.E.E.T. degree (Computer/Electronic/Engineering Technician ) and 28 years of experience in Industrial Controls have positioned me to have specialized skills to work on: A.C. & D.C. Drives, PLC’s & HMI’s, Furnaces, Payoff/Take-up Reels, Induction Heating, Rolling Mills and Process Controls.  System 7 has challenged me to strengthen my skills while stretching them in new directions.  I look forward to the challenge of each new project and “brainstorming” (Hunting for the best answer) with the other guys to meet our customer’s varied needs.  “Bring it on!”

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